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Our Support Coordinators help you navigate your NDIS plan and establish your services. We help you to prepare your first plan and all the reviews thereafter along your NDIS journey. Our primary motive is to build your decision-making skills and regain control over essential aspects of your life.

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NDIS Support Coordination


When you prepare for your NDIS plan review, we help you identify your disability related short- and long-term goals and assist you in obtaining enough funding approved for your therapy and services.

NDIS plan

We provide you choice and control and help you understand the terms and conditions part of your service agreement with providers and explain the implications so there are no misunderstandings.


Our support coordinators will work as your personal feedback mechanism to discuss your grievances and general opinions on the services you receive.

Our Support Coordinator can aid you in

  • Taking informed decisions regarding your NDIS funding
  • Choosing disability care services that suit your needs and goals
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of service agreements
  • Conveying your grievances and feedback to your service providers
  • Participating further in family and community life
  • Making appointments with therapists

We realise the challenges involved in the process of securing adequate disability care and support for yourself. It is also difficult for your loved ones to navigate the process without any assistance, and the responsibility to choose the best service providers can be overwhelming. Our support coordinators aim to relieve you of these worries.

Choose Ruhil Care's Support Coordination to

  • Improve relations with your community
  • Obtain top-notch services in Western Sydney, NSW
  • Get connected with disability-friendly facilities
  • Secure the access that you deserve
  • Gain improved independence


Support Coordination is facilitated by a professional who aims to help you choose the most suitable NDIS plan and disability care service provider based on your needs. Their job is to ensure that you make the most out of your funding and support and receive all the assistance that you rightfully deserve. They explain the agreements and conditions that go into these official procedures, so you make informed decisions.

Yes, you can obtain funding for support coordination under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and choose a plan that meets your needs.

It would be best if you mentioned your need for a Support Coordinator while choosing your NDIS plan so you can choose one that includes funding for it. However, not everyone is eligible for it. It would help to illustrate your need for one by mentioning the specific support you require due to your disability. This includes difficulties in understanding the NDIS process or having high health requirements.

No, support coordination is allotted a separate amount in the NDIS plan. You can use that amount wholly for this and still get funded for other services.

The NDIS and disability care support process are entirely based on your needs and goals. Hence, if at any point you find that your coordinator is not good enough, you can change your service provider to one that you prefer.

There are specialist support coordinators who are professionals in the field of Allied Health Sciences or Psychology, and who cater to the needs of a disabled individual with a high level of impairment. A specialist support coordinator can observe the complex conditions involved in a case and advise on the plans and services suitable for it.

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Ruhil Care started with the vision to set apart a space that is safe and accessible for the people with special needs, so they have choice and control over their services. Our hope is to clear out some of the obstacles that hinder their abilities and help them realise their full potential. Ruhil care is committed to safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of participants, their guardians, and staff members in all circumstances.