Disability Day Program

Ruhil Care’s disability day programs is a thoughtfully designed range of activities that improve overall functioning and development and keeps you engaged all through the day.

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Disability Day Program

Ruhil Care’s Day program is a thoughtfully designed range of activities that improve overall functioning and development and keeps you engaged all through the day.

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Our disability day programs, led by qualified and experienced support workers, is designed to explore a variety of Step up skills while providing a multi-faceted experience.


Enhance your understanding of social skills and learn ways of adapting better to your environment and within your community.


With several opportunities to socialise and interact with people in different age groups, find the confidence to be yourself and build your social circle.


Participating in these activities can improve various aspects of your life and instil a general sense of independence while also enhancing your self-esteem.


Disability care provides personalised assistance to help disabled people become more independent and live better in an otherwise exclusionary society. Disability care recognises their needs and helps them adapt to their surroundings accordingly.

Disability care is for a person with a physical or mental impairment that inflicts restraint on their abilities. Tackling a disability by oneself can be challenging. We recognise that society also doesn’t make it easy for the disabled community to live comfortably. We aim to help you build your life while respecting your space and dignity.

All your services can be covered under your NDIS plan. You can choose any of the three options (agency managed, plan managed or self-managed) to pay for your services at Ruhil Care.

Ruhil Care offers a Centre Based Day program. Our activites are personalised to your goals to make the most of your time. We also provide pick- up and drop- off services to our participants.

Yes, we have no age restrictions at our centre. We welcome people irrespective of their identity and provide maximum support and comfort to everyone who joins us. We group our participants based on their age and interests.

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About Ruhil Care

Ruhil Care started with the vision to set apart a space that is safe and accessible for the people with special needs, so they have choice and control over their services. Our hope is to clear out some of the obstacles that hinder their abilities and help them realise their full potential. Ruhil care is committed to safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of participants, their guardians, and staff members in all circumstances.