About us

Ruhil Care is a leading organisation specialising in disability care in Western Sydney. Our team is run by experienced individuals who are highly driven towards changing the perception and treatment of disability care for the better. The many satisfied clients of our organisation are a testament to our efforts.

Our Background

Our director Monia Ruhil, who is an experienced nurse herself, established this organisation with the aim to pursue her dedication towards aiding people’s health and creating a safe space for the disabled community in particular. She leads the team with innovative techniques to design activities and programs that build on a participant’s strengths and guide them in exploring their capabilities.

What makes us different?

Our team consists of proficient health practitioners, nurses, therapists and experts in disability care who aspire to provide the highest quality of services and work on improving every client’s experience so that their growth takes an upward shift.

We also have quality professionals who ensure that the level of care offered at the centre is always at its highest, and that continuous creative boosts are given to the programs from time to time. Every participant is provided special attention so that the activities they engage in at the centre align with their goals.

Ruhil Care is a registered NDIS provider, and we focus on the goals that participants determine and accordingly arrange our services so they’re suitable. We see promise in every individual who joins us. Our work is committed towards aiding each member in exploring their abilities, by providing essential tools and a conducive and encouraging environment.

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Why choose us?

About Ruhil Care

Ruhil Care started with the vision to set apart a space that is safe and accessible for the people with special needs, so they have choice and control over their services. Our hope is to clear out some of the obstacles that hinder their abilities and help them realise their full potential. Ruhil care is committed to safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of participants, their guardians, and staff members in all circumstances.